MicroClimate Collective
Philip Maisel (L); Yulia Pinkusevich and Santhi Elayaperumal (R)Clint ImbodenMary Frank and Ian Smith-Heisters with Aude CartouxSonya PhilipAnn Schnake (detail)Christopher Burch (detail)Tom ComittaSanthi Elayaperumal demonstrating "RedGreenBrain" her brainwave-driven robotic drawing machinePhilip Maisel (detail)Laura Sackettkiller banshee (Eliot Daughtry and Kriss De Jong) Kirkman Amyx (detail)
Participating Artists, Performers and Collaborators:
Kirkman Amyx
Christopher Burch
Tom Comitta
Santhi Elayaperumal
Stephanie Ellis and Serena Wellen
Mary Franck and Ian Smith-Heisters with Aude Cartoux
Blake Gibson
Philip Greenlief with shudder: Kyle Bruckmann, Lance Grabmiller and special guests Aurora Josephson, Tim Perkis and John Shiurba
Liz Hickok
Clint Imboden
killer banshee: Eliot Daughtry & Kriss De Jong, with Zon Wakest, Dean Putney, Anthony Discenza, Travis Meinholf, Phil Bonner
Phillip Maisel
Yulia Pinkusevich
Mobile Arts Platform: Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari
Sonya Philip
Joseph Rosenzweig
Laura Sackett
Ann Schnake

Glenna Cole Allee and Victoria Mara Heilweil